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"Skip was an extremely influential mentor in my career and one of my all-time favorite connecting partner. Truthfully, he taught me how to concept and think conceptually on a professional level. He's a tremendous thinker, writer and friend. Skip is always willing to give you his time and he is certainly generous with it when you ask. Beyond being one of KC's steadiest hands when it comes to skilled copywriting he is a true joy to work with on a daily basis. Having Skip as a part of your team instantly makes your group more intelligent, well-rounded and sophisticated."

March 13, 2014

Jeremy Johnson,

Vice President/Creative, GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing



“Skip is a pleasure to work with. He took the time to find out about the product and the process, the vision and what was important to communicate. He caught the passion of the company and was able to put that passion in writing. I highly recommend him!”

December 27, 2011
Margi Swords, Farm to Market Bread Company


“It’s tricky trying to put a label on the multi-talented, much-lauded, complicated man that is Skip Quimby. Creative director, creative concept strategist, copywriter, voice-over talent … yes, he is all those things. He’s also a leader and a collaborator, a serious thinker and a craftsman, a mentor and a friend. Smart. Sharp. Direct. That’s Skip’s conversational style. Maybe not always what you think you want to hear, but something you know you don’t want to forget. Because it’s likely to be a crucial part of solving whatever advertising or marketing puzzle you have before you.
During the 8+ years Skip was at GlynnDevins, I was fortunate to work directly with him on several occasions. Beyond being personally enriched by those experiences, I know he left an indelible stamp of creative professionalism on countless projects, programs and processes — as well as a profound impression on his coworkers.
Skip decries mediocrity, defies categorization and ultimately will decide his own future. I have no doubt he’ll make the right choices. And anyone who chooses to give Skip a seat at their creative table — as a guest or at the head of that table — can count on a feast of creative chops, knowledge, experience, flavor and flair.”

December 27, 2011
Laura Christensen,

Creative Copy Manager/Agency Editor, GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing.

“As a neophyte writer, Skip played an integral part in shaping my career. He pushed me daily to excel in my work with my art director partners. And although he was perfectly adept at completing on the work himself, he was great at collaborating with me and helping me find solutions for clients. I appreciated his mentorship in letting me come to the right conclusions rather than have them done for me. All this was done with his unique sense of humor, which made working at GlynnDevins even better.” December 19, 2011
Carrie Lighthall, Writer/Producer, GlynnDevins

“One of Skip's greatest strengths is guiding strategy to help teams deliver more focused, interesting work. He's also a talented writer, a seasoned creative professional, and a 'go to guy' in tough situations. Skip isn't afraid to bring up those tough questions others are afraid to ask. I recommend Skip for your next creative challenge.” December 18, 2011
Kris Grazier, Senior Vice President/Creative, GlynnDevins

“Skip is a creative force to be reckoned with. Whenever I had the pleasure to work on his team, I knew we would come away with a winning idea. He challenges you to think about a problem from all angles and not just settle with the first or easiest idea that comes about. Not only is he a brilliant copywriter, but he is also a great creative manager. I always felt comfortable going to Skip with a problem - be it a creative one or otherwise. He's passionate about his job and will make a strong addition to any team.” December 14, 2011
Jill Sundgren, Visual Content Specialist, GlynnDevins Marketing & Advertising

“Prepare to think.
Skip is a master at leading the way to great creative.
He is sharp, direct and honest.
He will challenge the way you think and inspire you to be better.” December 14, 2011
Terry Shipman, Art Director, GlynnDevins

“Skip has been a mentor, partner, and friend for several years. He is passionate, professional and always a pleasure to work with. My favorite projects have included him as my writer partner. He has inspired me, kept me going and I will always be grateful for his guidance. I would highly recommend him as an asset to any group.” December 14, 2011
Jen White, Associate Creative Director, GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing

“Skip is extremely knowledgeable, creative and very quick on the up take. He is very professional and works hard to make sure that the client
receives the highest quality work product. I would highly recommend him.”

December 12, 2011
Steve Galey, VP, Repairs Unlimited

“Skip is first and foremost a strategist. He assesses problems, asks questions, invites discussion and offers a solution. After 6+ years of working with Skip I was always impressed with his professionalism and strategic thinking. I would recommend him to any agency looking for a strong writer and seasoned professional.” December 8, 2011
Keith Boaz, Associate Creative Director, GlynnDevins

“I worked with Skip Quimby at my first agency job. Even though he was in a different department – himself in creative and me in account management – he was a terrific mentor and strategic partner. Skip was always looking for innovative ways to grow our clients’ business and challenge the norms. He is a leader by nature whose high standards are ever present, refreshing and inspiring. His work is mindful and on strategy – even if the brief is less than a masterpiece (like I said, it was my first job).

Skip was a great team member and I look forward to our paths crossing again.”
December 8, 2011
Ali Ladner, Account Executive, GlynnDevins

“As an account person who has a secret love for all things related to the creative process and getting to great ideas - I treasure opportunities that allow me to work with excellent creative minds like Skip.
One of the most important things I learned from Skip is how powerful a tool the creative brief can be, and how to develop a brief that speaks to want the client wants but still empowers the creative team to bring dynamic ideas to the table. I learned a lot watching and engaging with Skip in discussions about creative briefs for projects we were working on together - which I apply on a daily basis as I work through projects with my creative team.

It was a pleasure working with Skip not only because he was a excellent creative leader, but also because he taught me a lot about the balance needed to produce great client work.”
December 7, 2011
Katherine Meyer, Account Executive, GlynnDevins Advertising and Marketing

“Without question, Skip Quimby is one of the most talented individuals I have worked with during my 30 years in the advertising/marketing industry.
He has the unique ability to analyze the most complex situation and boil it down to the fundamental aspects that need to be addressed.
Skip’s ability to then take those key points and present them to the target market via a compelling creative solution, is even more impressive. I can honestly say, I have never come across one individual that has both the analytical and creative skills that Skip possesses. He truly has a unique skill set.” December 7, 2011
Sandy Jones, President, Along Came Jones

Former partner at Wysong Quimby & Jones

“Skip is one of the most creative people I know. That, married to his understand of business strategy, allows him to add lots of value to clients who need advertising / marketing help. I worked with Skip at Pepper & Associates and saw first-hand the skills he brings to the table. In addition, I have used Skip and his voice talent for radio spots, which were spot on for our target audience. Did I mention you'd have fun working with him as well? Always a plus. You can't go wrong working with Skip Quimby.” December 7, 2011
Mindy McDermott, Account Executive, Pepper & Associates

“I was only at GlynnDevins for a brief time. But during that time I met a great mentor. Skip specializes in helping his team turning what would be an otherwise boring ad into something special. He's a passionate and fun leader to work under, and he combines his years of experience with a thirst for the "New." He knows his way around advertising no matter how much it changes.”
December 7, 2011
Aaron Cathey, President, Kansas City Art+Copy Club

“Skip has a unique talent of being able to charm any audience and sell creative ideas in fun and extremely entertaining ways. His strategic approach to creative helps transform good ideas to great advertising. I love the fact that Skip always ask's why before asking what. He has been a great mentor to me and I would not hesitate to give Skip my recommendation.”
December 6, 2011
Tammy Nigus, Creative Coordinator, Pepper & Associates

“Skip is a passionate strategist and writer who sees past the obvious answers and respectfully keeps client service on their toes. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with him.”
December 6, 2011
Candice Yagmin, Senior Account Group Director, GlynnDevins

“I have known Skip, his writing and his voice-over work for years. Long before we finally worked together. His easy going collaborative style makes it a joy to work with him, and he pushes the creative in directions that successfully solves problems and engages the client.

His management style is firm but fair and his insights improved my work and made me a better art director. Our work sessions never seemed like work, we laughed a lot and usually came up with severals solutions that could develop into full blown campaigns.

He has a thorough command of how effective branding can result in higher awareness and sales. And finally, he can make a headline do the heavy lifting, and the body copy sing -- the kind of writer every art director dreams about. I have always valued his knowledge, sense of humor, advice and most important, his friendship.”
December 6, 2011
Barbara Gerber, Senior Art Director, GlynnDevins Advertising

“I’ve worked with Skip on many projects over the years and you can always count on a well-thought out, smart, strategic approach to creative messaging. He’s willing to work with team members to make sure the final product is the best it can be.”
December 6, 2011
Molly White, Senior Marketing Manager, GlynnDevins Advertising

“I have worked with skip for years, on a wide variety of projects. Skip is a very talented writer, who thinks outside the box. He is also an accomplished producer, and voice over talent. He's also a lot of fun to hang out with. I highly recommend him.”
December 6, 2011
Don Martin, Owner, Evolution Audio, Inc.

“Skip took a chance on me and I've thrived! He is awesome! Simple as that!”
December 6, 2011
Mike Savage, Owner operator, pushover, SavArt Gallery

“Skip has the great ability to merge strategic and creative thinking, along with being able to communicate with absolutely clarity…and panache.” December 6, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
David Marks

“Skip is an outside-of-the-box thinker with writing skills to match, and his wit and character bring copy to life.”
December 6, 2011
Kelsey Dolezal, Account Executive, GlynnDevins

“Skip can wear so many hats, I'm still amazed! He is a fantastic writer, on the spot too. He was always a sounding board that would give you an honest and spot on opinion based on his great advertising history and the client's needs. He always pushed me and my work, but not in a vague way. I appreciated his ability to give complete and direct advice. I am a stronger art director because of him and any agency would be lucky to have him!”
December 20, 2011
Maggie Goldsborough, Senior Art Director, GlynnDevins



“Skip has an enthusiasm for this business that's contagious. He's insightful, conceptual and perpetually curious. He does everything with a wink and a smile. He's a great teacher, excellent mentor and the guy you want next to you in a meeting. He’s a talented writer. But, there are a lot of talented people in the world. What makes Skip great is the immense passion he puts into his work. He’s got heart. Not to mention, a great sense of humor. I would love to work for him again.”
December 20, 2011
Justine Cotter, Copywriter, GlynnDevins

“Put some mustard on it.” – (oft-uttered Skipism)
Here’s what you oughtta know about Skip: Honest. Intelligent. Good mix of witty/funny. Observant. Passionate. Wicked-talented. A mentor. A friend. An inspired, inspiring creative. Pass him up at your own peril. Because Skip will elevate you, and the work. I should know. I constantly hear his voice when I'm writing, encouraging me to put some mustard on it. And I could never thank him enough for that.”
December 14, 2011
Julie Major, Senior Copywriter, GlynnDevins

“Skip's character, intellect and experience make him the leader he is today. One reason people are drawn to work with Skip is that he balances profound concern for people with equal attention to the task at hand. He has the ability to blend creativity, insight and opportunity with the realities of our business to find original solutions to challenging assignments. He's a go-to guy. When no one is quite sure what to try next, Skip's voice is strong and clear. I've had a lot of fun and learned a great deal working with Skip Quimby.”
December 10, 2011
Chris Fiorello, Senior Copywriter, GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing

“Skip brings creative messaging to life by asking hard questions and by learning as much as he can about a client’s business.
His curious approach makes him stand out as a creative leader and provides clients with keen insights that drive hard-hitting messages/concepts.
I enjoyed working with Skip because he makes you think, isn’t afraid to challenge an opinion and is a loyal leader/mentor for those who work for him.”
December 6, 2011
Janel Wait, Vice President, Digital, GlynnDevins Advertising and Marketing

“Skip is one of those people that you just want to have around all the time. As a very talented individual who knows his stuff when it comes to writing a catchy headline, discussing industry trends, marketing to seniors and everything between... he has a lot bring to the table. Not only does he have a great sense of humor, he is really an all-around good guy. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Skip and am proud to give him my recommendation.”
May 22, 2010
Christina Beaird, Graphic Designer, GlynnDevins

“A uniquely, spirited individual. Skip has all the intangibles that add up to superior talent and leadership. His problem solving skills are singularly focused on client results yet never compromise creative integrity. Skip Quimby–the original straight-shootin' son of gun. It has been my privilege to know him and to work with him.”
September 24, 2008
Mike Davis, Owner/manager, Davis Design Group, Inc.

“Skip makes you think harder, work smarter, and at the end of the day know you've done your best. He even brings you coffee sometimes.”
September 24, 2008
Andee Weinfurt, copywriter, GlynnDevins

“Over the years I’ve really come to appreciate and respect Skip Quimby as a work associate and friend. It wasn’t always easy, because Skip makes you work. He asks tough questions and he sets tough expectations. He’s not satisfied if there isn’t demonstrated smart, thorough thinking behind the effort. But he demands nothing greater than what he is prepared to deliver himself. Skip is candid, straight-forward, honest. It’s why clients appreciate his involvement in their business, and why he earns the respect of his team, no matter what their discipline or level of responsibility. Skip has a special ability of spotting and nurturing talent and he brings out the best in people. His creative talents and business savvy make Skip the ideal marketing guy to have working along side.”
December 7, 2011
Clair Keizer, Account Supervisor, GlynnDevins

“As a colleague, Skip Quimby is as valuable as they come, not only for his creative and strategic thinking, but also for his exacting analysis of what makes something work or not work, and his ability to explain that to others. He’s smart, dynamic, and a great leader. What makes him great as a supervisor and mentor, are the qualities that underlie his sometimes gruff exterior. He's kind, an astute listener, and very sensitive to others feelings. And funny. You can't forget funny, because it's so necessary for survival in this business. Skip not only survives, he helps others thrive.”
May 4, 2009
DJ Matheny, Art Director, GlynnDevins

“Skip Quimby is the ultimate creative and marketing talent. He’s smart, kind and thorough. He’s a great collaborator and a team builder. Skip can spot the best talent, leads teams, and gets high marks from those he’s mentored and supervised. He has at least a closet full of awards, and he’s the creative guy who gets the business of marketing in all aspects: branding, positioning, selling and profit.”
January 22, 2009
Landa Williams, President, Landajob

“I've know Skip longer than I care to say. I was a partner at Contemporary Illustrators and Custom Color Corp. When he first came to a photo shoot selling skis, I wondered what he would bring to the shoot. I found that he is multi-talented, creative and just fun to be with. He definitely not a "stuff shirt." You can't imagine the "voices" that come out of the guy. On top of all that, he's a nice guy which is hard to find in this business”
December 6, 2011
Donald Wolf, Owner and Nice Guy, Don Wolf Photography