Radio and other stories.

Sound. What a simple, yet wonderful tool. The spoken word sharing a story, no matter how long, in a way that somehow says "hey, we are all in this together." Genuine. Authentic. Honest. Human. Funny or poignant, great storytelling is always the name of this game.


All either written and produced by me or with my 'ol buddy and former partner, Sandy Jones. I'm also the voice talent on most of these. But that's another story.

As You Like It (Doo Doo) :30
As You Like It - Doo Doo.mp3
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Charter Hospital Outreach Services (It's 5:00 a.m.) :60
Charter Hospital - It's 5am.mp3
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City Market (Urban Culture) :60
City Market - Urban Culture.mp3
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Marina Grog & Galley (What A Good Idea) :60
Marina Grog and Galley.mp3
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Shawnee Mission Medical Center Cardiovascular Services (Invincible) :60
Shawnee Mission Med - Invincible (rev).m[...]
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Spot Shot Stain Remover (Beloved Offspring) :60
Spot Shot - Beloved Offspring.mp3
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Stadium Honda (Marketing) :30
Stadium Honda - Marketing.mp3
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Stimukil Fly Bait (Drop Like Flies) :30
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Six Days Out. One Day Back. A Roadtrip. Or Relaxation Is A Learnable Skill.


Inspired by the real thing, this series was originally intended to be the heart of a promotional effort for, of all things, a printing company. At the time, printer promotions were pretty much a result of letting art directors and designers have their way with your presses, die cutters, trimmers, etc. Eye candy for their colleagues in the creative department. And they produced great stuff.


So how do you stand out? Find a better designer? No. Go at it from a more enhanced creative perspective with an audio-based promotion that tells a story in 7 episodes, each of which arrives at the customer's desk in packaging showing off what the printer can really do.


Today it's called consumer engagement and branded content creation. When I made this it was just called "Man, that's a great idea!"

Day 1 - 7:04
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 01.mp3
MP3 audio file [15.7 MB]
Day 2 - 6:02
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 02.mp3
MP3 audio file [13.4 MB]
Day 3 - 7:34
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 03.mp3
MP3 audio file [16.9 MB]
Day 4 - 8:22
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 04.mp3
MP3 audio file [18.7 MB]
Day 5 - 8:49
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 05.mp3
MP3 audio file [19.8 MB]
Day 6 - 9:34
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 06.mp3
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Day 7 - 12:10
Six Days Out One Day Back - Day 07.mp3
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Houlihan's 90-second Radio Project

The owners of Houlihan's restaurants came to us with a desire to wake up the market's awareness of their well-established, nationwide group of eateries. With the newest location having been open for about 10 years and the original for about 20, they were being overlooked by newer entrants into their potential audience base -- a little younger, a little hipper -- more like the group that had carried them to stardom in the first place.


So what can you say about a place that is anything but new? You tell a story about "A Place You Can Count On."


Oh, and you do it in a time format no one has ever done before on radio.

Bubbles - :90
Houlihan's - Bubbles.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.4 MB]
Gold Lame - :90
Houlihan's - Gold Lame.mp3
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IRS - :90
Houlihan's - IRS.mp3
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Lucille - :90
Houlihan's - Lucille.mp3
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Murphy's - :90
Houlihan's - Murphy's.mp3
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